Beauty Fruit Detox Plum, 20 pieces
Beauty Fruit Detox Plum, 20 pieces

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum, 20 pieces

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Beauty Fruit Detox Plum(20 Grains)
Beauty fruit detox plum is one of diet pills that really work.There just need 4-6 hours you will feel the effect.

Japanese Fujimoto,Dr.ze-one study found that over a long period;plum contain some dietary fiber is not digested in feducing high-calorie meal feeding at the same time.the intestines can absorb toxins and excess fat,along with the fat and waste excreted,so as to achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss beauty,its unique sour can stimulate gastric secretion.promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.Helping fat burning.Easy to subtract the excess body fat at the same time prevent new fat synthesis,to achieve weight loss do not rebound.

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum Ingredients:Golden plum,Angelica Keiskel,Iactobacillus,puerh tea and so on.

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum Directions:
Depending on the individula,one or two miracle fusion fat plum packets per day fooling a mealwith 300cc cold water.

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum Three Steps:
First is Detox:If users have acute constipation(include constipation history before),it is better chew 2 pills after lunch every day.Continuing 1 month no matter which status,then you will find constipation is no longer a problem as Beauty Fruit Detox Plum could eliminate constipation,remove the bad materials,clear the body environment.If users don't have constipation,just one pill one day,continue 30 days.
Second is dissolving fat:Chewing one pill after lunch and super(total 2 pills a day),continuing 3 monthes,then you will feel visiable dissolving fat and weight reduction effects.
Third is consolidating slimming body:Chewing one pill after lunch and continuing 2 month,it will no rebound and keep a slimming and beauty body.

Self life:two years

Expiration date:Marked on the bottom of the box

Specification:1 pills/pack,20 packs/box

Net weight:150g

Storage:Do not expose the product to heating and direct sun radiation.Have the product store in refrigerator after unsealed.

Beauty Fruit Detox Plum Health function
Colon cleansing effects best effects for constipations assist in weight and fat loss anti bacteria.

(1)Pregnant women.young children,those who sutter from peptic ulcer and ones with weak physically consutimtion are forbidden to take this product.
(2)Never take this product with ofher weight lose products with other
(3)Do not swallow the seed of the plum.