Fungisol Skin Cure anti fungal drops, 8ml

Fungisol Skin Cure anti fungal drops, 8ml

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Fungi play a role in our daily living. Some are used for culinary and medicinal purposes (such as mushrooms), while others are useful for decomposing our garbage. In this regard fungi are good. But when fungi turn bad, they can really get into our skin-literally! This problem is called fungal infection.

Normally, the skin is equipped to repel invasions from microorganism, including fungi. However, certain conditions allow for fungal infection. Common situations such as retained skin dampness, weakened immune system and use of antibiotics can put person at risk.

Signs and symptoms include itching and scaling. AT times it can even lead to skin inflammation. Following are some common types of fungal infection:
Tinea corposis (“buni”) – fungal infection of the trunk, arms, legs and face.
Tinea Curis (“had-had”) - fungal infection of the groin area.
Tinea Pedis (“alipunga”) - fungal infection of the feet.
Tinea Versicolor(“an-an” or “ap-ap”)- fungal infection where the color of the infected area contrast the color of the normal skin.


Fungisol infections are irritating, to say the least. They can be very unsightly, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. Anyone has ever had can tell how problematic it can get.

Good thing there is Fungisol! Fungisol is a breakthrough product that employs the principles of both traditional and modern medicine. It can relieve itching within thirty minutes, and can relieve the other signs and symptoms within three days. Unlike conventional topic anti-fungal drugs in the market that come in the form of a cream, Fungisol comes in liquid form.

The Ingredients

Fungisol is composed of extracts from five herbs, which have been historically known and attested to effectively address the various problems associated with fungal infections.


Administration of Fungisol simple enough. One must simply apply one to two drops of the liquid (or as needed, depending on the size of the infection) into the affected area and rub it gently. A burning sensation might felt upon application. This is a normal immediate reaction and should not be a cause of concern. Do this one or twice daily until infection disappears.

Precautions and Adverse Effects

Since Fungisol is a topical solution it is relatively safe compared with systemic anti-fungal brands. However, it strictly for external use. Exposure of hypersensitive body parts (such as eyes) may lead to irritation. In such cases, wash the affected area thoroughly with clean water. Medical consultation also be a necessary.