30 capsules Rosy Peel All Natural Skin Regimen Beauty Herbal supplement

30 capsules Rosy Peel All Natural Skin Regimen Beauty Herbal supplement

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Rosy Peel capsule is all natural made from dormant saps of young green strawberry, guava, bignay and kamias fruits.

The unique combination of these fruit saps were made to work in synergy, unleashing its great potential in keeping the skin healthy and in enhancing the skin’s capability of reformation.


Rosy Peel capsule is a revolutionary new supplement key ingredient of four fruits of young green strawberry, guava, bignay and kamias. The good news is that the benefits of the four fruits are now available within everyone’s reach instead of having to buy expensive strawberries only when its season, you can have it all year in the form of Rosy Peel capsule.

Effect of Rosy Peel Is only on the face?
Since Rosy Peel is orally taken, the effect will be observed in all parts of the body.
How long will the effect be seen?
The time for the benefits to be seen varies from patient to patient, depending on the response. Based on experience of users, the effect is generally observed with daily use for about 6-8 weeks. Generally, there are no side effects since this is an herbal preparation.
Can rosy peel remove my pimple scars?
Unfortunately, a scar will always be a scar. It will improve the skin, lighten the pigmentation. We highly recommend that you use the product to prevent pimple formation and deep scarring.
Does Rosy Peel whiten skin?
Yes, one of the components of rosy peel is Strawberry Fruit it contains ellagic acid that helps to lighten hyper pigmentation caused by UV rays. This is possible because it can inhibit the synthesis of melanin, the chemical that gives skin its brown colour.

We generally recommend taking Rosy Peel 1 to 2 capsules per day taken after meal. If you may take the product 30 minutes before meal it will help to burn the unwanted fats.