Pearl White Express Slim in Pink box,  400mg x 30 caps

Pearl White Express Slim in Pink box, 400mg x 30 caps

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400mg x 30 capsules

The capsule is made from refined and carefully selected pearls of Tai lake in China, and natural rare and precious vegetables, such as ginseng, fleece-flower root, cassia seed and flos chrysanthemi indici, etc. it is rich in various trace elements, and it is natural product without any chemical component. The product has the function of adjusting human bodies in double-way. It can directly and more quickly decompose extra fat and reduce weight. At the same time of reducing weight and slims the body, it also can nourish skin, beautify and whiten skin and make the skin more elastic. It is the top choice for beauty-pursuing women.

weight reduction and facial beautification
Method of taking: 1 capsules 2x a day before meals
Suitable for: people with high blood fat, overweight people, and beauty-pursuing women
Not Suitable for: children and pregnant and lactating women
Storage method: sealed to prevent humidity, keep on cool and dry place